Basics around international marketing


Hi there! We will begin this interesting chapter keeping in mind that the references of consumers constantly change according to the needs of life and the needs that form the competition in the market. Therefore, being attentive to the updates of the target market is an advantage, since it works hand in hand with the consumer.

One aspect that can affect market research (specifically consumer analysis) is the way information is collected. Some basic techniques are used for this activity, such as: the survey, the interview, the observation technique, the market test, the focus group and the survey.

A large number of functions or stages are included, among which are: analysis of business opportunities, segmentation and selection of markets, analysis and forecast of demand, analysis of competition, design of marketing strategies, organization and implementation and control.


Strategic marketing is the result of logic, method and effort. It aims to provide work tools to manage it. It does not eliminate uncertainties, but it helps reduce and coexist with them, positioning the company in a highly competitive situation.

Therefore, and based on a generic definition of marketing, we observe that at least a series of variables that occur in every market economy converge. The first is the product, which is all that material or intangible asset that placed on the market comes to meet the need of a particular customer. The material good is called the product and the intangible service, hence the main distinguishing feature is the tangibility of the good in question. The market is defined as the physical or virtual place where buyers and sellers meet to make a transaction. The concept of need. The so crowded question that whether or not marketing creates needs is not an obstacle for this to be an important basic marketing variable, being able to define it as the feeling of physical, physiological or psychological lack common to all the people who make up the market.

Another concept is that of perception, considered as a voluntary act after the need, we can define it as the way in which the person expresses the will to meet the mentioned need. Logically the social, cultural and environmental factors will be those that mark the stimuli of marketing for its achievement.


The last two concepts that determine a large part of the market strategy are: demand, which is the number of people interested in a particular product, service or brand. The activity carried out by the marketing department should be aimed at adapting the unlimited need that exists in the market to the best of the limited resources available to the consumer. And the second is the offer, which we can define as the set of goods or services that are oriented to satisfy the demand detected in the market; It is generally sufficiently covered by companies.


Keep in mind that marketing is a way of organizing a set of actions and processes when creating a product «to communicate and deliver value to customers, and to manage relationships» and its purpose is to benefit the organization by satisfying customers. customers.